Robert Metcalf [the inventor of Ethernet] says that if something comes along to replace Ethernet, it will be called “Ethernet”, so therefore Ethernet will never die.  
- Ken Thompson

When Macintosh operation system was designed in the early of 1980s, Steve Jobs was inspired by GUI from Xerox. It’s not only new design of Operation System than Unix, but it also challenged engineers on how to compose the architecture of the system. The Mac interface design and guidelines were very different from popular ones at that time. And engineers know the pain of user interface design when involved in software development. It's not because lack of skills to accomplish the tasks - UI does not have logically correct answers. Design is subjective.

You remember when Windows got upgraded, the new Start menus drove us insane. macOS may do better on this. The simple design of philosophy from end-user perspectives brought us a new window environment as Darwin, but the expectation of shining interfaces never stops. The burst of different Linux distros since the 1990s proves this in a sense.

You must have heard that 80% of the things that we are doing every day with modern personal computers, they are still valid to be performed on Unix machines 30 years before. The rests are internet surfing and game playing. Ironically, all essentials of macOS which cannot be absent for me they all nearly come from Unix.

As a problem solver, I prefer a simple and direct solution. Solve problems fast, and keep everything under control. If plain text is enough, don't use HTML; if Markdown format is enough, don't use Word or Keynote; if CSV format is enough, don't use Excel or Numbers.

Keep it simple, stupid. - Eric S. Raymond

As a tool of computing, keeping, organizing, the core aspect is the ability to solve every certain problem. Core matters. Presence less.

As an engineer, I chase the cutting edge technology. As a business partner, I embrace the changes in my startup. We live in a changing world and everything seems to be dynamic. We see technologies drive our society onward. If we grasp the pattern of involving, we master the skills to fit ourselves in this trend. Unix/Linux is one of these skill sets. It solves your problems and involves to fit your needs. The most important fact is that the core of Linux is consistent. You learn it a hard way, it repays you a long journey.

Think differently but keep simplicity in mind. Don't waste time to choose tools just for choosing. The freedom of hacking is endless potential until you name it with your legend.