It has been a while. Now I'm back, again.

It's all about URI.

A unique domain name plus well-connected folder structure. These are identity and personality, like in your addressbar, it's me(Chen, Gang) saying hello from China(.cn).

So why is /blog instead of

Domain name should be centralized-control IMHO. It's you, and blog is not only about you. There should be and must be other things will happen around you, e.g., /photo is a good choice.

Sub-domain needs to be maintained and don't over estimate any of your categories. Easy to pick up, difficult to let it down.

Technically, it's more SEO.

Ghost supports sub-folder URL style deployment. Just change the right value for url key in your config.js , e.g.
url: ''

One more step to configure your web server. Take Nginx as example, location tag should be concerned.

    location ^~ /blog {
        proxy_set_header   X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
        proxy_set_header   Host      $http_host;

Don't ignore voices.

It's about taste. To allow comments or not.
Disqus or Twitter.
I want to hear my readers saying, whatever. So I have Disqus.

However, people paid to learn. It happens to me as well, including my opinion about URI above. Sometimes, domain name changes, folder structure breaks. But Disqus discussions can be survived.

By using URL Mapper, I found all my comments back with right traceback. I still have troubles to solve cause embed-comments below article don't display correctly. It takes time but better than not have.

You always ask for perfection. But you need to stop by, and that, it's on your todo list for next day. Isn't it?

/Mike Sep 2, 2014 @MaanCoffee F2.